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How do you make corporate giving fun?

At the 2018 Bentzen Ball Comedy Festival, Lyft partnered with us for the first ever edition of Belly Laughs Charity Brunch featuring Antoni Porowski from Queer Eye and comedian Michelle Buteau. The brunch benefitted Whitman-Walker Health, one of festival's non-profit partners. The event was a #GiftFromLyft, free and only accessible through an in-app contest, which transformed Lyft vehicles in the area into tiny Antoni's with use of code "AVOCADO". Over 4000 people entered the contest to win one of the 40 coveted spots, over the course of the 24-hour window, with millions of social and traditional media impressions.
It was truly funny and delicious, and raised $10,000+ for Whitman-Walker Health, positioning Lyft as a community leader in corporate giving, and increasing the festival's purpose driven impact.

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