Death Becomes Us

Why a true crime pop culture festival and why now?

Over the last couple of years, True Crime has gone from (mostly) sensationalist fare, to prestige entertainment. Shows and podcasts like Serial, My Favorite Murder, Making a Murderer, Evil Genius, Last Podcast on The Left and Criminal are helping transcend niche audiences and applying world class storytelling (and often humor) to these compelling tales of murder, conspiracy and mayhem. In a polarized world where there is no clear cut mass audiences anymore, these stories provide us with heros and anti-heroes we can all agree (to have conversations about). It is time we take the conversation about them from the proverbial water-cooler and into a real life environment.

The festival debuted in D.C. in 2018, and expanded to NYC and DC in 2019, with three editions planned for 2020. for more details check out:

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